Our vision is to provide innovative and functional solutions, which create enduring economic models with focus on superior results, strategic growth and best practice, and to establish ourselves as a trusted partner, locally and internationally.


DAS Capital engages human capital, financial resources, and market insights into highest business achievements through sustainable investment approach.


Disciplined investment strategy carried out by PROFESSIONALS. Curiousity to deliver INNOVATIVE products and higher returns. COMMITMENT to add value for our clients. Demand for EXCELLENCE in everything we do. PERFORMANCE through strong investment track record.

Company history

The first company was established
The first company was registered under the name of Bulkar, with main activity trade with chemicals and cosmetics' and cleaning products' ingredients. Contracting partners were all former Soviet Republics.
  • 1 year of history
  • 10 employees
business EXPANSION
The company undertakes a new business activity - trade with heavy vehicles tires imported from Russia. In two years, a market share of 34% of the territory of the country was achieved.
  • 3 years of history
  • 34 % market share
FIRST HOTEL acquired
Bulkar acquired its first hotel in the town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, a tour operator company was also established.
  • 4 years of history
  • 1 hotel
further expansion
New business activity is added to the company's main fields of operation. Bulkar takes up export of wires, cables and forklifts to the former Soviet republics.
  • 5 years of history
  • 50 employees
The company acquires a second hotel, Rodopi. It is the first privatized hotel in Bulgaria's largest summer resort in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach.
  • 6 years of history
  • 2 hotels
  • 1 st privatized hotel
The company adds to its portfolio the first fully reconstructed 4-star hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. In addition, an exclusive partnership agreement with the German tour operator ITS was signed.
  • 8 years of history
  • 3 hotels
  • 100 employees
The company becomes the owner of another seaside hotel. Full reconstruction follows, with the rebranding of the former Ropotamo Hotel to Hotel Tsvete. Exclusive partnership agreement with the German tour operator ITS was signed for this property.
  • 10 years of history
  • 4 hotels
Hotel Plankton and Restaurant Ropotamo in Sunny Beach were acquired. After complete renovation and refurbishment, they were reopened as Hotel Flora and Hotel Tsvete 2, respectively. Аn exclusive contract with the German tour operator ITS was signed for them.
  • 11 years of history
  • 6 hotels
disposal of hotel properties
Acquisition and subsequent sale of other four hotels located in the seaside resort of Sunny Beach to local and foreign investors.
  • 12 years of history
  • 4 hotel deals closed
joint investments with British investment fund
Further development of the real estate business line through partnership with a British asset management and investment fund. Acquisition and resale of real estate of total value over 50 million Euro.
  • 16 years
  • 50 million investment value
  • 300 employees
reopening of grand hotel & spa primoretz
The emblematic hotel Primoretz in the heart of the Burgas sea garden on the Black sea coast, welcoming guests since 1959, was acquired. After complete reconstruction, it was reopened in 2010 as the one and only 5-star hotel in the city.
  • 18 years
  • 1959 Primoretz first opens
  • 5 star luxury
focus on real estate investments
The company continues to realize further investments in the of real estate development sector. Numerous residential and commercial buildings as well as holiday complexes around the country were completed and sold out.
  • 21 years of history
  • 300000 sq.m. of residential buildings
CONSTRUCTION activity expansion
The company participates in construction project developments with focus on residential, vacational, commercial, and office buildings.
  • 25 years
  • 600 employees
high-quality restaurants & bars at the Black sea coast
DAS Capital has expanded its portfolio with high-quality restaurants & bars located in the heart of Burgas, including the emblematic restaurants Dock 5 and Neptune.
  • 3 high-end restaurants
  • 3 day and night bars
  • 4 restaurants at the Port
Business expansion throughout the country
New hotels in Sofia, Burgas and Hisarya, luxury residential complexes on the seaside and in the capital, and class A offices on prime locations in Burgas and Sofia have been added to the company's portfolio.
  • 4 residential buildings
  • 4 new hotels
  • 2 office buildings

About us

Everywhere around the world there is a specific business and social environment. We are local and we understand people, regulations, institutions and customers of the Balkans.

Behind every successful deal lies the success of the two trading parties that should meet again and continue to do business in the future. We believe that today's partners will be our friends tomorrow.

Designed for the future

  • 510,000
    guests accommodated
  • 1230
    happy new home owners
  • 30
    years of growing trust
  • 9,000
    years of advanced human capital
  • 380,000
    sq.m. of realized projects


In her dream:
Jack, take me to the beach.

Honey, wake up. We live on the beach.

Catherine, dear, I am leaving for the Asset Investment Funds Summit in conference room #2.

Great. I will also have a busy day on the beach and then will be waiting for you at the SPA.

Mr Smith:
Jenny, money never sleeps and so don’t I.

Good evening, Mr. Smith! It is getting quite late to be back at the office.

It’s not just about finding a place to live. It’s about finding the place you can call home. We found ours in our new apartment – right on the beach, away from the crowds, kids can play freely, and the mountain is a quick hike away. Even when we are back in the UK, it’s just one short flight away from our lovely summer home.

Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz is a unique business and spa hotel on the Southern Black Sea Coast in terms of location, facilities, luxury interior, and quality of service. This is our fifth year organizing our annual national conference here.

Our company was looking for the perfect office for a long time, with prime focus on the multifunctionality and additional amenities nearby – cafes and restaurants, sports centers, convenience services and entertainment, along with the usual integral selection of building location, public transport availability and access. DAS Center provided all that and even more – social environment for the employees, work-life balance and better comfort at the workplace.