The Pizza

Port of Burgas


Collaboration between Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz and the neighbouring restaurants and bars in 2017 resulted in better quality, customer service dedication, and common staff training, becoming the largest Burgas based restaurant group of companies DRG, with over 300 employees. DRG's corporate culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement.

  • High-quality restaurants concept while different in design, ambiance and offerings.
  • Sharing the common commitment to provide distinctive and memorable dining experiences for guests.
  • Strong brands loyalty and a successful business model optimized for growth through corporate expansion.

The Pizza


Here, in addition to the spacious sea views and the typical Burgas quietness, you can discover intriguing culinary specialties, among which interesting and delicious suggestions with dominating Italian tastes. The restaurant offers an impressive palette of pizzas giving its original name. Special suggestions for kids include their favourite temptations.

THE PIZZA is a delicious location with Black Sea views and offers highly varied cuisine with an emphasis on temptations with Italian address. You can expect an inspiring taste and atmosphere which will conquer your heart and mouth ... Come and enjoy it!