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Бизнес и туризъм

The hotel assets of DAS Capital include various first class investments, the company has developed and now manages. Among them are urban business hotels, seaside hotels, balneology hotels. All are located in perspective flourishing cities and resorts.

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Строителство и продажби

DAS Capital owns a rich portfolio of real estates. They are divided in two main directions/ streams. First one includes great value plots in prosperous communicative locations. Second ones are developing residential and office buildings/areas projects, currently in the pipeline.

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Обществени и инвестиционни проекти

DAS Capital is engaged in different high quality construction projects of its own as well as of public projects, including public tenders. The company is interested in residential, commercial and road construction. It also takes part in planning and development/ building/ implementation of water supply and sewer systems and heat (external thermal wall) insulation systems.

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Яхти и каравани

продажба, наем и поддръжка

DAS Capital encourages sea and road adventures since year 2004 through representing the world number one brands in boat and trailers manufacturing. Services include sell, rent-out and full maintenance of all the boats, campers and caravans offered. Distinguished service, complementing the unique experience, created by the other main activities of the company.

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