The Old Frigate Center

Burgas, Bulgaria


  • 60 years of history
  • 200 seats in the restraurant


  • 360 degree beach view
  • 1200 sq.m. of total built-up area
  • 1 st line location on the beach


On the very site of one of the classic symbols of Bourgas - "The Old Fregate", preserved only as a nostalgic memory from old pictures and postcards, an innovative project featuring a restaurant, a bar and an multi-use event hall will be revived for a new life. The area will once again become a favorite place for meetings and walks, it will welcome tourists arriving on Bulgarian land by cruise ships and will represent a typical symbol of Burgas.

The "Old Fregate" location is part of the public access area, popular as the "Super Bourgas" project. The area covers partially Port of Burgas, the railway station, and the city center; the project will facilitate the access to the sea tfrom the Railway Station, South Bus Station and Alexander Batenberg Street. One of the new access points to the Maritime Passenger Terminal passes along the future mixed-use complex, which will introduce the modern inhabitants and the guests of the town to the past and the traditions of the Old Bourgas straight on arrival at the Bulgarian coast and entry into the town.

The Old Frigate Center


"Old Fregata" has been permanently anchored on land for more than 60 years. The cult is quickly becoming one of the legends of Burgas. The magnetism of the ship and its unique splendor remain sealed in the masterpiece "Dangerous Charm". Right on its legendary deck Nevena Kokanova and Todor Kolev recreate one of the eternal scenes of Bulgarian cinema.

Decades ago, the ship was turned into a popular restaurant, an attraction of Balkantourist. Since 1995 he has been assigned to manage the then "Primorsko tourist". After November 10, 1989, the "Old Fregata" was gradually deserted, and an incidental fire in May 2011 caused irreparable damage to the entire vessel that was built from teakwood in the far-away 20th century.


The project for the new construction of the complex "Starata fregata" consists of a restaurant, a bar and a hall for events, by incorporating it in the general urban plan of Bourgas and with the parameters of the unforgettable symbol, it fits legally into the seaside ensemble Old Burgas - Primoretz ". The area around the cult restaurant in its past to the sea is decided in unison with the seascape, and the transition to the lanes and greenery of the Sea Garden is inconspicuous.

Similar is the approach to the areas of the Old Burgas and the Sea Station, which gives the new project a key place in the realization of the public access zone to the transport node, uniting the three modes of transport - railway, bus and sea. Bourgas' new European vision envisages the city to open to the sea, to build the passenger and yacht marinas, where life can boil.