Investment projects


The main activity of the investment company is focused on construction of residential and administrative projects. The company offers complete solutions as general contractor for buildings and facilities and also invests in own projects. In the period since its establishment, it has completed projects for urban residential and office buildings, vacational and commercial properties. The company has managed to establish itself as a reliable and stable partner to both Bulgarian and foreign investment companies. It also works successfully with partners from Bulgaria and all over Europe and Russia.

The company's vision is based on three main pillars:

  • To earn and keep our customers’ and partners’ trust and respect, to meet their needs and fulfill every commitment made to them.
  • To create development opportunities for our employees and reward their success.
  • To help with the improvement of quality of life and development of local communities where we operate.

The company is a registered member with the Central Register of Professional Builders of the Chamber of Construction.



The mission of the company is to achieve high profitability of their projects by providing quality and competitive solutions in the fields of high and low construction. Whether for residential, commercial, administrative or vacational projects, the company is well-prepared with the appropriate solutions. The vision for the company development is to create standards for reliable and quality construction in Bulgaria.


The company has the resources of modern equipment and expertise to carry out large-scale construction activities throughout the country. It has own modern machinery and construction equipment, comprising excavators, trucks, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, cranes, bulldozers, rollers, loaders and mini ladders, mobile cranes and hoists, minibuses and cars for transportation of employees as well as all machines and equipment necessary for normal functioning of the construction process. The company has the necessary machinery to perform depth and height development, as well as to carry out any construction operations related to residential and administrative buildings construction.