The Coffee

Port of Burgas


Collaboration between Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz and the neighbouring restaurants and bars in 2017 resulted in better quality, customer service dedication, and common staff training, becoming the largest Burgas based restaurant group of companies DRG, with over 300 employees. DRG's corporate culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement.

  • High-quality restaurants concept while different in design, ambiance and offerings.
  • Sharing the common commitment to provide distinctive and memorable dining experiences for guests.
  • Strong brands loyalty and a successful business model optimized for growth through corporate expansion.

The Coffee

Sunrise or sunset - it doesn’t matter, the landscape around Port of Burgas is worth contemplating at all times. The port silhouettes make a scenery for a memorable start or end of each day, and THE COFFEE has the excellent conditions to greet you both with "Good Morning!" and with "Good Evening!" (until midnight). 

If you need to recharge, relax or just have a nice place to talk, meet or work with a laptop in hand, in the light hours of the day you can rely on the best coffee in town, and when the sun starts making space to the dark side of the day, you can lift up your spirits with our special collection of cocktails, and also enjoy the cigar-bar offering products from all over the world. 

This is the place where you can get away from your daily routine, slow down, inhale deeply the sea breeze and feel the embrace of the setting sun. It will be hard not to take at least one picture with your smartphone in order to stamp all this bliss around you. Come and enjoy it!