Dock 5 Restaurant

Port of Burgas


  • 2019 year of opening
  • 1 st line location


  • 200 outdoor seats on the pier
  • 70 indoor seats
  • 90 seats in the winter garden


The idea for Dock 5 came as soon as we saw the missing ship berth No. 5 at the marine port. More than 100 years ago, the port was the most important point for Burgas and the country - the beating heart of the city - a meeting point for sailors, merchants and fishermen to exchange goods, news and ideas, to meet loved ones...

At this emblematic location in 2019, we created the first establishment - Dock 5 restaurant.


Dock 5 is the missing link in the Burgas society, a completely new concept - a city type of restaurant, but on the pier - between the sea and the city.

In a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Come for a coffee and stay for lunch or dinner, surrounded by stylish interior, delicious dishes and fresh drinks, good music, laughter...

Your getaway destination, where you can dine richly, talk and have fun with friends - and at the background - sunset, blue sea and a docked ship.

Dock 5 Restaurant


The interior is in a typical industrial urban style, softened by the warm colors of natural wood, soft light and cozy plush sofas. French windows, wavy ceiling and warm rays reflected in the sea outside contribute to the unique atmosphere.


Dock 5 has an indoor hall for 70 people, a winter garden (smoking room) for 90 people and an outdoor part - on the pier - for 200 people. Regardless of the season, we welcome business guests and events, organize private celebrations as well as theme weeks dedicated to foreign cuisine prepared by guest chefs.

Our team strives to provide the highest level of service in gastronomy, catering and service. To make our guests feel on vacation, even if only for a moment, admiring one of the most romantic views in the city - crimson skies and water, a sparkling lighthouse.


The menu is a fusion between Bulgarian, European and Japanese cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood. Our creative chefs constantly surprise guests with mouth-watering dishes, combining colors, flavors and aromas in an inimitable way.

The pleasure of modern gastronomic cuisine is complemented by irresistible signature cocktails and musical evenings with live artists.