Neptune Beach Bar

Burgas Central Beach


Collaboration between Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz and the neighbouring restaurants and bars in 2017 resulted in better quality, customer service dedication, and common staff training, becoming the largest Burgas based restaurant group of companies DRG, with over 300 employees. DRG's corporate culture is one of high energy, vibrancy and excitement.

  • High-quality restaurants concept while different in design, ambiance and offerings.
  • Sharing the common commitment to provide distinctive and memorable dining experiences for guests.
  • Strong brands loyalty and a successful business model optimized for growth through corporate expansion.

Neptune Beach Bar

The Neptune Beach Bar is a step away from the sea, among the warm sand and the cool sea breeze where the day begins with a cup of fragrant coffee and ends with a cold cocktail.

A place to relax, a place to meet and talk long time with friends, a place full of summer adventures and various emotions. A place in the town of Burgas where you can spend many unforgettable moments in good company. Give yourself this exciting seaside experience and indulge in the summer season.

The well-organized kid's area and the old fishing boat which child’s imagination can turn into a part of an exotic marine storyline, can make the place a setting for unforgettable holidays intended for children and their parents. And the whole team of the Neptune Restaurant and chef Katya Condeva will personally cater to please the taste of our most demanding guests.